EDUCATION: I was born and raised in Provo and graduated from Provo High School in 1993. I later graduated with a BA degree in Social Science from SUU in 2001. I was hired to teach at Timpview High School and taught my two favorite subjects, US History and US Government for five years. I loved my time in the classroom and learned so much from those I taught.

REAL ESTATE: In 2006, I caught the entrepreneurial spirit and left public education. Still a lifelong learner and teacher, I’ve been able to utilize these skills as I’ve built a small real estate business helping clients buy and sell real estate primarily in Utah County.

HOA BOARD PRESIDENT/MEMBER: I moved to Harvest Park in 2008. The market had crashed and it was clear that my neighborhood was a casualty of the market downturn. I was frustrated with the unfinished infrastructure and non-existent landscaping on my property. I had a choice. I could either simmer in my frustration or I could start asking questions and see how I could be part of the solution. I chose the latter option. Now, 11 years later, I’ve spent 8 of the 11 years at Harvest Park as a member of and two years as president of our Homeowners Association. I chose then, and I continue to choose to dig in and be part of the solution.

PLANNING COMMISSION: I’ve always had an interest in government and in 2011 I had the opportunity to serve on the Mapleton City Planning Commission. I served until 2013 and loved my time on the Planning Commission. I learned so much about city government and now have such a greater appreciation for what the city staff does for our city and how we can work together as a city administration and residents to build our city identity.

CONGRESSMAN CHAFFETZ: I’ve had many opportunities to nurture my lifelong love for government, public discourse, and public service. One of the highlights was working as the Campaign Manager for Congressman Jason Chaffetz from 2010-2015. One of the great lessons I learned from this experience is that while we might disagree on issues, we don’t have to be disagreeable in our discourse. The public square is for all of us and I welcome the opportunity to visit with anyone committed to a healthy exchange of ideas!