Primary Election Information

Primary Election Day is August 13, 2019

All primary voters in Utah County will vote by mail this year. What does this mean?

    • July 19: Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters at the address on record at the county.
    • August 6: Last day to register to vote and cast a vote in the Primary election
    • 3 City Council seats will be on the ballot. The 6 candidates receiving the highest vote totals will go on to the General election in November. You may cast you vote for up to 3 candidates. You are not required to vote for three. Your ballot will still be counted if you cast a vote for fewer than three candidates
    • Upon receiving your ballot in the mail, follow the instructions carefully to fill out your ballot. Don’t forget to sign your ballot.
    • You can cast a vote in person on August 13 at Mapleton City Hall

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register to vote?

What if I moved from another location in Utah County, can I just update my information?

For these and other frequently asked questions, please refer directly to the Utah County Clerks website found here